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Volcanic Disaster: The Eruption Prediction Game

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Volcanic Disaster is a great new card game that is so much fun to play, you don’t notice it is (shhhh!) educational. Where else are you going to learn about volcanoes, predicting eruptions and volcanic hazards while laughing, crossing your fingers, and possibly plotting revenge? The glossy cards themselves are worth collecting, with beautiful photos and information on 34 of the world’s most active or dangerous volcanoes and seven different volcanic hazards.

Great for Family Game Night. Adults enjoy it just as much as kids. It’s fast-paced and fortunes can shift quickly. Find out just what sort of work goes on, what decisions are made – and what can go wrong – at a Volcano Observatory.

Winner of Dr. Toy Top 10 Games of 2010 and the National Parenting Center 2011 Seal of Approval!

How to Play

The goal of the game is to predict volcanic eruptions and save the most lives. Your job is to gather the right precursors and predict eruptions, all while avoiding false alarms, accidents, sneaky players, and other complications. Matching the right hazards with your Volcano gives you extra points - but watch out for the Disasters, they'll make you lose points. The player with the most points wins.

You may also play a simplified (and less competitive) version that is great for classroom use or for players under 10. Check out our teacher's webpage.

Love volcanoes? Check out our videos - lava like you've never seen it, in high definition, too!


2 to 5 players
Ages 8 to adult
Playing Time: 20-40 min.
Price $16.99


40 Volcano Cards
80 Observatory Cards
2 Volcano Information Cards
Rules of Play

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